Generation Good Product Testing

You could receive Seventh Generation products to test out and share your feedback on. If you’re eligible for a mission, you’ll be shipped the products and they are yours to keep at no cost! Join the Generation Good for free today then complete your profile and answer any surveys available. They will contact you by email when a new mission is available for you. Keep in mind, each mission only allows a certain number of participants and it’s first come, first serve. Good luck! You can find ALL of social media link’s websites on Annika’s FIRST!

You  earn points for almost everything you do and earn badges for completing various activities. This includes participating in Surveys and sharing on social media. Points and badges increase your chances of receiving future activities and helps qualify you for special offers from Seventh Generation! #freesample

Questions? We’re here to help! You can reach us at

I’m also honored to have been a featured member in their newsletter.

You can see various products I got here:

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How to Quickly Earn with Bing Rewards / Microsoft Rewards

First and most importantly you have to have a Bing Rewards Account. Sign up here:

After you have a Bing Rewards account you should bookmark these FOUR pages: – This page shows you your stats. It’s a great way to check near the end of the day if you’ve made the necessary searches. – This is your dashboard. Get in the habit of visiting it first thing in the morning. Do the three daily cards. They change daily and offer quick easy points. Also make sure you check the bottom of the page for things you may have missed. – Check out the headline news for quick easy searches. You can make this page your default home page as well as search for easier earnings. Generally these headline news takes care of my 150 points a day.

Emails will get you at least 50 points a week.

Doing these things ALONE can get you over 400 points a day.

Now to do your mobile searches, you don’t need to be on a mobile device. Simply press F12 in chrome and all your searches will count as mobile. I share this because I know not everyone can afford a mobile.  I don’t do this method myself because I don’t have time. But I did test to make sure before I shared this. – Go to this link Click “Manage communication permissions”.  Check the “Microsoft Rewards newsletter” box. Click Save. These emails often are over 100 points. Some include extra sweepstakes entries for free as well as just updates. But like I said, free points. It really is worth it. There is generally a quiz that’s worth 40 -50 points, and several other informative links that are 10-20 points each.

If I think of anything more I’ll come back and update this article.

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Warning if you use UnfollowStats AKA

I’ve been using this UnfollowStats app and website for a few years. I loved it. It use to be really very awesome. That is until I started doing some time consuming research. This unfollow tool for Twitter isn’t at all as awesome as Manage Flitter use to be. In fact, it’s accuracy is more near 75% correct on unfollow status. This is not at all because of the “Shadow ban” effect. The way I discovered this is copying and pasting each username and going to their profiles to confirm they were or were not following me. I started doing this when I noticed several people that I knew for a fact would never unfollow me listed under my unfollow section. Now I’m not sure if they (the Twitter account users) have the app blocked or the creator or what that is causing bad results. I only know you need to be careful believing the results and to somehow confirm them. You really don’t want to unfollow the wrong people. They can share with their friends you don’t follow back then you lose all kinds of friendships.

As for the other sections this website offers, I have no way of confirming the results as I’ve not used it. But if the main part of the whole site isn’t 100% correct, why would the rest be? I also wonder if it’s because my Twitter account is larger. I have many business connections who have accounts five times my size, I can’t imagine their level of accuracy.

Wishing you a successful Twitter experience and many great friendships that bless you in life.

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Jolly Pets Playhouse Product Testing

Calling all dog parents! You could receive Jolly Pets products to test out and share your feedback on. If you’re eligible for a mission, you’ll be shipped the products and they are yours to keep at no cost! Join the Jolly Pets Playhouse for free today then complete your profile and answer any surveys available. They will contact you by email when a new mission is available for you. Keep in mind, each mission only allows a certain number of participants and it’s first come, first serve. Good luck! You can find ALL of social media link’s websites on Annika’s FIRST!

Below is the prize I won. #freesample


Any questions?

If you have any questions you can always reach us at

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Review Enterprise Home Care in Akron Ohio

Enterprise Home Care and it employees should be avoided at all costs. And here’s why.

I needed an aide to give me some respite from taking care of my elderly father 24/7. We were provided an aide last June (2018). I won’t use any names. This aide stayed with us till about Christmas. Which was a relief because I didn’t know what to get the aide as a gift and was later told it was not appropriate to anyway. The first aide shared horror stories of Enterprise Home Care. How she would go to a new client and another caregiver was already there. So in other words Enterprise Home Care didn’t know how to do scheduling very well. So when she was replaced that’s when the fun and games started.

We were lucky to have an aide show up at all, and if and when one did it was when we didn’t want one, or two showed up. That’s when I started my journey online to see just how bad Enterprise Home Care really was. Ex clients and caregivers alike provided bad feedback. They too commented how the schedulers didn’t know what they were doing. How the workers come in whenever they felt like it. (Nurses confirmed this as well.) But that doesn’t affect me, that’s their business. The aides showing up when asked not to upset me greatly, and made my father more irate which is NOT ideal!

I had to call and stress, to not send aides when not asked for. When aides didn’t show up, I the client was left to call Enterprise Home Care to let THEM know. When Enterprise Home Care gets alerted via their mobile devices that no aide has checked in! I personally just love doing other people’s jobs I’m not paid to do. Because I don’t run any businesses nor even bother to take care of my father! This pushed me over my limit and I ended up going off on the boss. If they can’t do their jobs they shouldn’t be in business. It’s bad enough that for some reason every single aide that has been sent out seems to think they have to shake the dust off a dust mop and sweep it up with a broom! SERIOUSLY!? I use to clean HUGE houses out in Hudson. If I did that I would have been fired! It spreads the dust and my father has COPD! He does NOT need more dust flying around the house by an AIDE!

I rarely if ever got a day off because the countless new aides felt the need to talk to me tons instead of my father except ONE who quit because of the way Enterprise Home Care treated her. She basically ignored me which was great because she wasn’t here for me but my father.

I created a print out of directions on how and what to clean so I could get a break. The guide over time was one paragraph to a full two sheets of a word document. All because I had to lay things out very simply. “Clean the sink, counter top and back splash.” I’m not being anal about cleaning. But seriously, if you are cleaning a sink the back splash is right there! The boss looked over the document and saw nothing wrong with it as well. I’m not asking for a ton of cleaning, and I’m not asking for the inappropriate or impossible. When I was a caregiver for my neighbor I did WAY more then the aides have ever been asked to do!

Aides would show up late who were then told by Enterprise Home Care to stay just as late as they showed up. Heck that the client has plans after they leave or MEANT to leave! And yes that happened MANY times. There is no excuse for lateness and it’s not professional to expect the client to stay around for a late caregiver. My dad had physical therapy each day the aide was late but did Enterprise Home Care, CARE? NO!

When an aide would call off, the Aides would call and tell me the truth while Enterprise Home Care would call me and bold face lie. And one aide was really very pissed because she drove for Uber and they EHC told me that her car broke down. TWICE! She felt she was being jinxed and sure enough later that very week her car did break down. She had the flu and that was why she didn’t show up. I told Enterprise Home Care that I knew they were lying to us and I didn’t appreciate it. They kept on lying. Even the first aide shared with me how what EHC was doing and saying was wrong. She was a strong Christian and didn’t like them lying at all. She point blank said there is no excuse for it and it’s not right. I’ve seen this woman preach, she too would have no reason for lying.

The last aide they sent out must of came from jail. She got smart with me twice on her first and ONLY day! She told me how the work she was here to do wasn’t for my father but it was for me. She did what I can only call a racists judgment noise moan that I’ve heard a thousand times in HIGH SCHOOL from the group of bully’s. No aide in their right mind, needs to come into someone else’s house and pass judgment! I fired her mid shift! Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel! My father and I both felt as though she didn’t want to be here.

Many of the aide shared stories how their other clients would complain that all the previous aides would do is sit on the phone talking or texting. That they were thankful that their aide actually did work! Plus at one point the boss came to our house and shared how they were having problems with aides being on the phone the whole time they were at the job. This was only an issue with the “jail” aide who was on the phone for 35 minutes about her 55 yr old boyfriend that was acting like he was 12. I have personally witnessed my neighbors aide sitting in the kitchen on the phone for hours at a time. She never cleaned a thing.

So in closing, Enterprise Home Care doesn’t actually CARE at all but for the bottom line. MONEY. The purpose of this review is to warn people. Who would want an agency like this taking care of a loved one? NOT ME!

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How To Turn Off Metro PCS Voicemail

Turning off Metro PCS voicemail isn’t as easy as it should be. In fact after much research I found out that technically you can’t turn it off, on Android or iPhone. BUT there is other abusive steps you can take.

First thing you should know is MetroPCS holds 45 voicemail messages as of 2019. Simply call yourself 45 times and leave a voicemail. I call this an abuse because technically it is. It’s METRO PCS that is forcing it’s customers to perform this abuse, simply so they don’t have to deal with a service that any other carrier in the world offers to shut off. So you are taking the storage space of METRO PCS and this costs THEM money. I get a smile out of finding ways to pay back companies that abuse their customers. Sooner or later METRO PCS will wise up and see they are losing money by customers doing this and offer the ability to turn it off for free. More so now that it’s called METRO PCS by T-Mobile. You may have to do this every 30 days.

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Click To Tweet (Without Signing up for Anything)

I went researching on how to create a Click To Tweet link. I was shocked to see there is an app for it which you have to sign up for. It’s simple HTML CODE PEOPLE!

%20 is space %23 is a hashtag. Here’s my code, edit how you see fit.!%20Annika’s%20youth%20%23surveys%20%23marketresearch

Make sure you change the URL to your website which will appear at the end of the tweet, and make sure you use a target tag so it opens in a new window.

You can of course add an image to your Tweet This link or just leave it as text. Simple and easy and YOUR OWN CODE! IE SAFE! I’m not sure why everyone wants to make this javascript. If I knew it was this simple I wouldn’t of had to look at all lol.

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