SmartPhoneMate Blacklisted

I use to love SmartPhoneMate. They were an awesome application you’d run on just about every device you own and encouraged to do so by the company. If it was a tablet you would get a $5 Amazon gift card if it was a cell it would get you a $3 Amazon gift card. It was great to get around $25 a month simply for running an app that didn’t take up any time or run down a battery.

SmartPhoneMate would pay like clock-work, every 15th day of the month if not before. But recently SmartPhoneMate changed their terms without informing their members.

1, you can only have SmartPhoneMate on ONE device.

2, you have to run it 20 days not just 11 days of the month. Making sure you send data TWICE. An easy way around this is to bring it up and make it send twice. DONE.

3, they updated their terms to no longer pay $5 per tablet. (JUST changed this one.)

Needless to say the one device limit sucks. What sucks even more is the lack of paying their members. At one point SmartPhoneMate owed me over $100, as I recently started farming. This was before they changed to their one device limit.

I knew something was up with SmartPhoneMate when they turned off the ability for members to rate their product as well as post on their Facebook page without it being a posting from themselves. I fear this is end of the ride.

SmartPhoneMate support ignores emails, and when and if they do reply, it’s template emails of apology mailings claiming how you will be paid what is owed. their master facebook page: 

Smartphonemate is now on Annika’s Blacklist. Companies that can’t be trusted. It’s always a real shame to add any company to the blacklist.

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WEGO Health Heroes

Here’s a great opportunity to earn recognition, rewards and even get paid!

Heroes site, where you can:

  • Connect with other leaders in the WEGO Health network.
  • Earn money for sharing your opinions, rack up points for engaging online and gain recognition for helping others.
  • Expand your influence and inspire new patients.
  • Learn about ways to work with WEGO Health.
  • Most importantly – help us make WEGO Health Heroes as beneficial for you as possible.

WEGO Health Heroes is in beta testing – it’s by invitation only!

It’s easy to check out – just accept your beta invitation and give it a go:  Enter your name and email address and they will contact you for details. I look forward to seeing you there and what all you share.

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My Matrix Voice Invite Only

My Matrix Voice Survey panel spots are very limited if you wish to join simply click the link. I have got nothing but my time wasted. They gave me no freebies, samples or even a freakin sweepstakes. Perhaps you will have better luck!

Matrix Voice
Here's what you can expect if you become a member

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Update Zendesk and Apology

I did a blog about how horrible Zendesk support is and recently discovered something interesting.

Zendesk doesn’t actually offer support merely the software many companies use for support.

I found this interesting because it honestly seemed as though every company that uses Zendesk software has complete moronic idiots working for them. Support replies to questions would often be unrelated. Some support replies were off the wall that you are left wondering what planet their support came from. I’m not the only one that thought this and took it up with them countless times.

Finally Zendesk let us know that it’s not THEM! I feel bad now for sharing how horrid dealing with Zendesk support is. And even more horrible that I am not alone. I saw on Google many people saying the same thing in blogs. Struggling to get some sort of coherent support replies.

So I’d like to sincerely apologize to Zendesk for my bad press. I hope Zendesk users improve their feedback. I hope that Zendesk can keep their head above the bad support replies being used by their software. They might want to add a disclaimer to their software signature. After all I found a TON of graphics going off on how bad Zendesk is too.

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How to Backup and Restore Your Rules in Outlook Express

Many Outlook Express users have rules for their email they can’t live without. Plus sometimes the way you enter the rules disables other rules, so when you finally get them sorted you need to back them up.


The problem is when you want to format or perform a backup, you can’t grab your outlook rules as easily as you can your address or even your emails. These simple step by step directions for Outlook Express will help you back them up, and even later restore them at another time, or even another PC.

You will need to follow these directions step by step being very careful as editing the registry could end up comprising the whole system.

I recommend performing a backup of the registry before proceeding. Only you are responsible for any damage that may occur during your editing of the registry.

Go to your start button and click on run. Type in the word regedit and click OK. If nothing has happened you may have typoed, so be sure to check you typed regedit correctly.

A window will popup that looks a lot like windows explorer, except at the top it reads Registry Editor.

You see will five folders under the My Computer icon. If you don’t see them click the + so they drop down. The only folder we want to pay attention to is the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder. Click the + by it, once again a lot of folders will drop down. Scroll down to the Identities folder and click the + again, and on the identity number folder, software folder, Microsoft folder, outlook express folder, and whatever version number you are using folder (5.0). Click the + by the folder named Rules and then click on the folder named Mail.

On that Mail folder you will officially be in HKEY CURRENT USER\Identities\(Identity Number)\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0\Rules\Mail Which you can see at the bottom of the folder in the status bar.

At the top of the window click on the word File, then click export. In the save box, change the location to your desktop and then name the file something you will know when you see it. Example “Mail Rules” then click save. It will save to your desktop very quickly.

Back in the registry click the X in the right hand corner to close. Now save your mail rules to your backup location.

To restore your Outlook Express mail rules at a later time or another PC follow these simple directions.

Once you have your email accounts set up in Outlook Express, simply double click the registry file you created from the above directions. It will ask “Are you sure you want to add the information (location) to the registry, click Yes. Now you are done.

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How to Get the Best Phone Bill Discounts and Savings

470_262737I’ve been wondering why for ages my phone bill was going up and up. It was never the rate it is now, even when I was calling England all the time. So I decided to do some investigating and I was shocked and slightly appalled at what I discovered. I am certain this information will be valuable to many of you especially with the cost of everything going through the roof.

I belong to AT&T for both my local and long distance plans. I use to love AT&T, and I discovered that I should call them every 6 months and ask them what new offers and or plans they had that would benefit me. I would get a lower phone plan every time I called. This should work for other phone companies as well. Once you have been with your phone company for some time, they have the ability to see your records and see what best fit your needs. But wait there’s more savings!

Looking over my monthly phone bill, under “Monthly Service” I went over each and every item with the telephone operator asking what was mandatory and what was an option for removal. The only thing I was able to remove was the “LINE BACKER” at the time was the rate of $6.99. This “LINE BACKER” service is a fee used to cover the charges of if anything in your house is bad with the phone and has to be replaced. If something inside your house is wrong with your phone line it cost a fee of $50. Let’s do some math here. $6.99 x 12 is $83.88 a year! If you remove the “LINE BACKER” you can always add it back later. So let’s say you do indeed have a problem in the house, call the phone company have them add it to the bill and wait a while for it to apply. In the mean time if your line is indeed horrible, use your cell phone or call a friend to investigate. Most the time it’s just a jack that needs replacement which you can do yourself anyway.

So let’s see the savings so far is $83.88 a year. Excellent, but I still felt there was more out there for people to use. So I asked the operator again for assistance. “My father is retired; don’t you have any savings or discounts for old peeps?” I slightly joked. “We sure do, we have “Lifeline”. Hmm wow I had actually got told about something I felt was a secret. The operator gave me the number and I called for the information.

Each state has their own number, laws, and rules regarding Lifeline. I’m in Ohio. The savings in Ohio is about $12 off your monthly phone bill I believe. Again, let’s do the math 12 x 12 = $144 a year! That’s a total savings of the previous $83.88 added to the $144 equals $227.88 a year!

Lifeline is a service for low income individuals. Program eligibility is having one of the following programs, food stamps, Medicaid, SSI, Disability assistance, SSDI, HEAP, TANFU, Free lunch Program at schools, Section 8 assistance. If none of those are an option, you have the option to apply because of low income.

When you apply you have to fill in a form with proof of income and or assistance you may be receiving.

You’d think I would have stopped there, but I didn’t, as not everyone can meet the Lifeline requirements.

When you call about your plan don’t be quick to give in to accepting “I’m sorry that’s all we have.” I was on one rate plan which was 10 cents a minute with a monthly charge of $4 something. They offered me the same EXACT plan for the monthly fee of $2 with the name of nationwide one rate plan. 4 x 12 = 48 / 2 = $24 verses $48 a year is worth the discounted savings.

So be sure to sit down with your telephone company’s operator and ask what they can do for you.

This was previously published on Yahoo! Network about 7 years ago.

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Delete all Twitter DM’s Easily

twitterTwitter is a great quick easy way to socialize, as well as share data on just about anything. What is horrible is the application either PC, or mobile. I don’t think the Twitter programmers even USE the application. One of the biggest problems just so happens to be the time a user would spend deleting DM’s. DM’s are Direct Messages or private messages.

There are many applications out there that auto send a DM to users who follow them. Considering you can follow 1000 users a day providing you are over 2000 followers… those DMs add up fast. I admit I don’t really read DM’s. The only time I have read a DM is when it’s completely necessary.  Other wise I ignore about 99.9% of them. You can not honestly carry on a talk in limited characters that’s worth anyone’s time. Business should not be handled that way.

So I went on a quest on how to delete ALL or most of my DM’s with little or no time. I admit on the ipad it’s like a game on how fast you can delete them. However, I honestly have no time to waste.

I found this application: Twitter DM Cleaner is pretty straight forward. You connect your account, by authorizing the application. It loads your DM’s then you select your choice of deletion. Then press apply.  After its done go to settings in Twitter, then apps, click revoke access on DMCleaner.

I’d like to note that after you use it, go to your settings and delete the permissions in Twitter. Just to be safe. I can’t say 100% that this site or any other on the internet is safe.  So I don’t want to be blamed should you start posting things by random. Remove access!

Sometimes if you have too many DM’s it may take several tries. Be sure to wait between each use. You don’t want Twitter to ban your account simply for cleaning it up.

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