Get Paid To Drive

Do you love driving? How about being paid to drive? Annika’s has over 35 companies that will pay you to drive your car. Either by being paid to deliver, ridesharing, making money by basically being a taxi driver.  Heck did you know you could even drive for Amazon?! The great thing is Annika’s even has a company listed that gives you cashback for gas! You can even be paid to drive your car by putting ads on it. You’d be surprised by all the awesome things you can do to earn money working for yourself! Set your own hours. Be a taskrabbit, paid to shop, go – do – earn TODAY!

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How to Stop Robocalls, Free, Quick and Easy

By now everyone who is trying to stop Robocalls has already registered with the do not call registry. And as completely pointless as that is, you are still getting spam calls and when you do the reports, have you ever gotten a check for $500 per call? Yeah, me either. It’s complete BS. No one has ever got the $500 per call because they can’t track down the “real spammers”.  I’m not saying it’s completely pointless to register, I do recommend it. But I don’t put any faith in them actually getting any money from anyone to anyone. The reason is, much like spammers are hiding behind proxies Robocallers are hiding behind fake numbers. They aren’t actually calling from the number you may see on your caller ID.

The easy, quick, free way to stop Robocallers isn’t what you may think. It’s not by ignoring them, or letting them go to voicemail or an answering machine. Or even pressing one to be removed from their call lists. It’s simply picking up the phone, pressing mute and waiting for them to hang up. If they speak or whatever it doesn’t matter, so long as you don’t respond and they hear nothing. You wasted their time, they wasted yours but they are completely clueless as to why your phone is silent. I did this and my Robocalls completely stopped. I was doing the pick up, hang up, but that only triggered them into knowing someone was here, pissed and to keep calling. They called twice as much with me doing that.  Try this for a month yourself and see what happens. If it’s a real person they will call back seeing as humans know there should be a “hello” on the other end of the line. Like doctors offices and such.

No special app needed!

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How to Turn on Amazon Data Tracking

If you are an Amazon Underground user, you have to turn on Amazon Data Tracking in order to play the content. Now I’m not real sure why this is the case, but there aren’t clear directions on how to do this. So I decided to write them up as there appears to be some sort of change.

When the alert comes up to turn on the Amazon Data Tracking for some reason it takes you to apps and games section. Now on the Amazon Kindle Fire this is not where the option is.

This is the directions on Amazon’s website which is completely wrong for some reason.

Enable Collection of App Usage Data

  1. Open the Amazon Underground app for Android or BlackBerry.
  2. Open the Menu, and expand the Apps & Games section.
  3. Select Apps & Games Settings.
  4. Select Collect App Usage Data to check the box to enable data tracking.

The real way to turn on Amazon Data Tracking is, click on Settings.

  1. Scroll down to Personal.
  2. Then click on Security & Privacy.
  3. Click the slider under Collect App Usage Data to turn it on.

I hope this helps you enjoy Amazon Underground Apps & Games.

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Free and Easy $20 Amazon Gift Card

Want to earn $20 Amazon gift card every month for just having an app on your phone? Seriously yes that’s all you have to do and I’ve been doing it for months now. Simply join the link, make sure you enter the code and install the app. Make sure it’s running and leave it for a month. Each month you leave it installed you will get a $20 amazon gift card. I use mine on a spare phone. You can also earn $20 for your teens phones too! Sounds too good to be true huh? What do you have to lose by trying besides a $20 amazon gift card?
  • iPhones (all models and versions)
  • Android phones on Android Marshmallow or earlier (Note: if users have Android Nougat or higher, we will notify them once they qualify for this project.) USE CODE:  Productive parakeet


I also found this app is much easier to use on Android devices.  I just make sure to see the KEY in the upper left of the menu and I know it’s running.
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Pinterest Website Button Not Working

This is what a Pinterest broken button shows

How often have you come across using Pinterest and the + button doesn’t work?! It’s like several times a month for me. I got at the end of my rope waiting for a fix and discovered a way around Pinterest being broken besides using the actual Pinterest button or Pinterest App.

If you click the + on the Pinterest website and you have no option of uploading the photos simply follow these steps.

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Select a board.
  3. Select the ‘+’ button at the top left-hand side of the Pinterest board name.
  4. Select ‘create pin’.

This photo is what the plus button is MEANT to show.



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Viewpoint Forum Invite

We were providing (free of charge keep in mind) the ability to join Viewpoint Forum. Which is an excellent product testing website that WAS invite only. They had a glitch in their system which gave the ability to join to other users. So we shared those links. As per usual there ALWAYS has to be a bad apple in the bunch somewhere. One user contacted Viewpoint Forum with the referral link we provided! Needless to say that person screwed everyone! Viewpoint Forum made it so those links no longer worked. Now I’m not sure why someone would do something so selfishly rude but it’s not the first time that this has happened. I’m disappointed in the level of stupidity that occurs and the level to which it screws SO MANY PEOPLE. We strive to help people, but there is simply no way to cure stupid. Though this upsets us greatly we will still strive to help aide those desperately in need of funds to pay medical bills, pay for their monthly meds, people unable to even buy toilet paper! And yes, we have received such emails of thanks. So please pause, breathe, and think before shooting off an email that could ruin so many lives you don’t even know. Thank you.

We made NO MONEY sharing those sign up links with those who asked. We simply try to help.

You can find over 3000 survey panels here: 

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