How To Turn Off Metro PCS Voicemail

Turning off Metro PCS voicemail isn’t as easy as it should be. In fact after much research I found out that technically you can’t turn it off, on Android or iPhone. BUT there is other abusive steps you can take.

First thing you should know is MetroPCS holds 45 voicemail messages as of 2019. Simply call yourself 45 times and leave blank voicemails. A simply hang up will do. I call this an abuse because technically it is. It’s METRO PCS that is forcing it’s customers to perform this abuse, simply so they don’t have to deal with a service that any other carrier in the world offers to shut off. So you are taking the storage space of METRO PCS and this costs THEM money. I get a smile out of finding ways to pay back companies that abuse their customers. Sooner or later METRO PCS will wise up and see they are losing money by customers doing this and offer the ability to turn it off for free. More so now that it’s called METRO PCS by T-Mobile.

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Click To Tweet (Without Signing up for Anything)

I went researching on how to create a Click To Tweet link. I was shocked to see there is an app for it which you have to sign up for. It’s simple HTML CODE PEOPLE!

%20 is space %23 is a hashtag. Here’s my code, edit how you see fit.!%20Annika’s%20youth%20%23surveys%20%23marketresearch

Make sure you change the URL to your website which will appear at the end of the tweet, and make sure you use a target tag so it opens in a new window.

You can of course add an image to your Tweet This link or just leave it as text. Simple and easy and YOUR OWN CODE! IE SAFE! I’m not sure why everyone wants to make this javascript. If I knew it was this simple I wouldn’t of had to look at all lol.

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How to block / Stop Sextortion Bitcoin Hacker Scam emails

Block one simple thing content type ibm852 and cp-850. There no more ever again. Who uses plain text to email these days anyways? LOL. Every client I have, every company I belong to all uses some other kind of format. After all they want you to click links to go to their web pages or whatever. These scammers just claim they magically took the stickers off all my devices and recorded me doing something retarded in front of my computer, threaten that they are going to send it to all my friends unless I send them tons of bitcoins.

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The Upside

The Upside DSE Healthcare Community is a Survey Product Testing Panel on the Social Media Link Platform. (Which means it takes too many clicks to sign into.) You sign up and take part in their “Missions” and #freesamples which constitute sharing on Social Media, real life friends, and providing feedback on products you may or may not receive via them. It’s really fun taking part in these communities. I’ve learned a lot through out the years. I hope you join me!

You can sign up here:


You can find the rest of Social Media Link panels at Annika’s

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More ways to control your Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN email Spam

I’m not sure when the last time you checked out your online email account but Microsoft added a new Subscriptions section. In this section you will see all kinds of things you never ever signed up for, let alone subscribed too. Microsoft has seen fit to add all kinds of spam email newsletters permissions there. Some you can easily remove these by going here:

Sadly you have to click remove one by one. Some load a page to type your email address into, and some email the spammer directly. I took the chance on several accounts I tinker with. Many went to fake email addresses and bounced back, several went to dead websites and others went to domains I closed by using SpamCop doing auto reports.

Once you have taken care of that list I have a suggestion I’ve taken care of in all my accounts.  Create a rule with your username. Your username is what is before the @ symbol of your email address. So example  The reason you are creating this rule is because spammers use it. Create a rule, I named mine “Subject spam” Add condition-  Subject Includes.  I put my username in it, and a few others I was being targeted with. Add action – select delete UNLESS you are worried, then mark it as junk. Be sure to select Save. Taking action on these two things I believe you will find your online email box a lot more inviting. As Microsoft will no longer send junk to your inbox as you are no longer “subscribed”. Also some of the removal links claim in 7 to 10 days you will be removed. Amazingly enough this has completely worked. I guess when spammers know they aren’t going to earn anything off you, what’s the point?

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ARM & HAMMER Kitty Krew Product Testing

Calling all cat owners! You could receive Free ARM & HAMMER products to test out and share your feedback on via yet another Social Media Link website! If you’re eligible for a mission, you’ll be shipped the products and they are yours to keep at no cost! Join the ARM & HAMMER Kitty Krew for free today then complete your profile and answer any surveys available. They will contact you by email when a new mission is available for you. Keep in mind, each mission #freesample only allows a certain number of participants and it’s first come, first serve. These missions are fun, just remember you have to have a social media account. Twitter and Facebook are the most wanted but recently it’s Instagram, Pinterest and a blog. None are a MUST but wanted for sharing purposes.

You can join here:

You can find this website and many others at Annika’s

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Get Paid To Drive

Do you love driving? How about being paid to drive? Annika’s has over 35 companies that will pay you to drive your car. Either by being paid to deliver, ridesharing, making money by basically being a taxi driver.  Heck did you know you could even drive for Amazon?! The great thing is Annika’s even has a company listed that gives you cashback for gas! You can even be paid to drive your car by putting ads on it. You’d be surprised by all the awesome things you can do to earn money working for yourself! Set your own hours. Be a taskrabbit, paid to shop, go – do – earn TODAY!

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