Baptism, Salvation and Churches Falling Short

Baptism, and salvation in general, may wash away sin, but it doesn’t stop the sin that’s within.

What I mean by this is, the sin one commits that doesn’t know is sin. Example – How are you to know something you are doing, or even have already done is a sin, if you’ve not read the Bible, been to church, or spoken to an elder? Let’s use pride as an example. Pride can be a sin when you put yourself above God, or God’s laws. Such as a parent being proud of their son knocking up a young lady out of wed lock. This can be a two for one. First sin of pride of breaking God’s laws, and second supporting the sin, by being proud of it. Being supportive of a child, and being proud is two different things.

I could give loads more examples, but this day and age, I am certain the example I just gave will already strike a cord with a large number of individuals. If I have, consult your local church before committing another sin by responding out of anger, jealously, etc, instead of love.  This isn’t a personal attack toward you, but wisdom into the way things are meant to be. Society has twisted things to be so far from God, it’s impossible to go through a day without seeing, committing, or hearing about someone’s sin.

Baptism, and salvation in general, should always be followed with a form of counseling. The church is responsible for the souls in it.  Would you leave a newborn baby by the wayside to fend for itself? Handing a newly won child of God a Bible, isn’t enough, yes it’s a starting point, a map, but certainly not a GPS.

This is where churches fall short in following through with Christ. I found myself, after getting saved, being tossed by the way side. Not just once but twice. When I was baptized when I was twelve, and again when I was nineteen. The only reason why I didn’t just give up on my walk with Christ is, I’m curious about everything. I read every religious book I could get my hands on after my salvation. I wanted to know what exactly it was that I experienced. I follow nothing blindly, and I didn’t want to be conned. It would have been wonderful to receive a call from the Pastor of the church, an elder, someone, anyone, but nothing happened. I had gone to the church I got saved in for about two years afterward. I stood by watching one soul after another being won to Christ, and tossed aside, as though it was some sort of contest to get people saved, then leave them high, and dry. Just because a person goes to church doesn’t make them any more of a Christian, then standing in your garage makes you a car.

Being lost, and confused after salvation is a very dangerous place to be. Not only is the newborn Christian open to attack, but open to falling back into sinful ways they may not necessarily be knowledgeable of. So I ask you, my fellow Christians, leaders of the Church, elders, and all around members of whatever church you attend, to take the step when someone gets saved, or baptized, lend a hand, help guide, and nurture the seed that’s within, because if it wilts, there was no victory to begin with.

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Fix for Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00006

If you use Windows Live Mail Client to pick up your hotmail, you may have encountered the 0x8DE00006 error from time to time. The full error message is as follows:

Unable to send or receive messages for the account. For security reasons, this e-mail account has been temporarily deactivated. A picture containing letters and numbers will appear when you close this window. To reactivate your account, enter the characters you see in the picture.

Subject ‘(whatever your subject line of the email is )’
Server Error: 3209
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00006

When you log into the website you will get this message when you try to send an email out. “This account is currently blocked from sending messages. If you don’t think you’ve violated the Windows Live Terms of Use, please contact customer support.”

Often times the popup picture which contains a captcha, doesn’t come up, thus preventing any further usage of the email account, other then to pick up email. This is also annoying even when your account is working. It seems that about every 50 emails sent, Windows Live Mail Client decides to put up a captcha. A captcha is a series of numbers, and, or letters that you need to enter exactly in order for them to prove you are a human, and not a bot.

The fix for this problem is a lot easier then you may think, or feel. Before proceeding be sure to backup your email in your Windows Live Mail Client.

Follow these steps to be able to send, and receive email without WLM support. As well as never having to enter a captcha again.

Open your Windows Live Mail Client.

On the toolbar click on “Tools”, and go to “Accounts”. In the accounts window click on “add”. Select email account, and click on “next”. Enter your email address you are having problems with, your correct password, and display name. Before you click the next button, click “Manually configure server settings for email account. Then click on “Next”.

Be sure that POP3 is the server. For incoming server enter: for outgoing enter: Select “This server requires a secure connection (SSL), and “My outgoing server requires authentication”. Click next, then click finish.

This will now create you a new email account, and box. You can choose to copy, or move all your email, and delete the previously closed box, or keep both. It will get confusing though if you do, as some mail may go to one box, and the other.

This is a quick remedy that does work for the time being. Windows Live Support would rather you post this question on their website complete with your email address for spiders to index, so you are spammed. Don’t wait around for help that may never come, and never put up with captchas ever again. Even if they did come up, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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Tiny Details Work at Home Rip Off

I maintain a work at home website, and decided to recently update it with the expansion of assembly jobs and artisan jobs.  I was looking over about 300, and found one that looked really awesome. It was creating tiny things for a dollhouse. The website Tiny Details even rated how hard the projects would be to create. Being a crafter, this was right up my alley!

I proceeded to pay Tiny Details $55 for the kit, which I would get my $55 back, plus $50 for the work, and $4 for shipping.  This seemed cool; I could do the projects while I was watching TV.

Right away, I started to encounter red flags. I called the company on a weekend to ask about a kit. The message on the phone said they are only open Tuesday through Friday. What kind of business didn’t open on a Monday had me peeked. Tuesday at noon, I had not received a call. Therefore, I called again, to get the same message. I left my details again. Then at four, I called again, after I had emailed a couple hours before hand with still no reply. I finally got a hold of someone who gave me the answers I was looking for. He was friendly. I went ahead, and ordered. It was $58 due to shipping fees. Red flags for not being professional enough to do call backs, and adding extra fees.

When the kit finally came, I was excited, and disappointed at the same time. I didn’t realize I would be cutting out the calendars as well as the background of the calendars. I could tell, being an artist myself that there was no way anyone could cut the calendar backgrounds out and not leave a bit of white trim simply because of the way poster board cuts. Yet another red flag.

There were four sheets of directions, and point blank stated imperfections are not acceptable. You have to send a sample of your work before you can continue with the project. Red flag number four; they didn’t include a sample as stated. In addition, the plastic bags only contain 100. Sending off your sample leaves you 99 to send in. Tiny Details states how they won’t pay for odd numbers, and without your sample you will not get your deposit of $55 back. Tiny Details also put a time limit on when the projects were due back. There is no way to get them to them in the allotted timeframe when you have to send a sample, and wait for its approval. The Tiny Details kit also comes with cheap glue, not Elmer’s, not a good sign.

I went ahead, and started creating the Tiny Details demo to send in, when re-reading the paperwork I decided to do some research on the internet. I discovered I had been duped. I wasn’t going to be paid for my work, and I wasn’t going to get my money back. I was crushed, I was going to advertise this, and share the news with everyone. I do after all have a large member base, readers, and Facebook fans who all would love to work from home. It was a risk, and a lesson learned. One I don’t regret, because it’s a tax write off as well as a hard lesson learned.

I have decided to go ahead and create the product, and sell it at craft shows. I’ll make back that $55 and then some!

I have no problem with paying upfront for products to create for other companies. They are after all putting trust in you to deliver back to them the finished product. There are assembly artisan work at home jobs that do not require a up front payments. More can be found here:

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Advowire AKA Hireinfluence Caution Advised

This is an update to the blog pertaining to the 12 hour post limit support ticket to Advowire AKA Hireinfluence.

Adowire staff finally got together and wrote me an email two months after the fact and tons of support tickets in between by myself and my friends. Though their letter claimed I am the ONLY member who has ever mentioned they don’t have a twelve hour share window. IMPOSSIBLE as I’ve been BCC’D in over a dozen emails to them from other people! Yet, more lies or as Advowire might try to claim, miscommunication. Like telling me one thing on Twitter and emailing my best friend another. As though we and no one else compares notes these days. Again assuming your users are stupid, is not the smartest thing to do.

Their staff, founder and CEO Jason Pampell accused me of cheating, claiming my AmyLynnOrg Twitter account was tweeting too. When that account, over 100K followers gets paid $14 PER tweet and Adowire offers a whole 33 cents. HUGE difference. But that wasn’t all he accused me of. No, he accused me of using an automated tool to do their shares when in the past over half the time their website didn’t even load! If there is a way to automate their site, I’d love to know it because I haven’t figured it out. This is against their TOS/TOU though so I guess its good I don’t know how.  It’s not hard to tell when campaigns open by using Twitter search! I’m truly honored Jason think so highly of me though that I could somehow automate Advowire. It’s called OCD. (Doesn’t say much of HireInfluence’s CEO! He SHOULD have checked this and didn’t before accusing me of cheating. Especially since their ads on Twitter are so freakin obvious! Spam pictures!)

While Advowire Hireinfluence Jason Pampell was accusing me of these things (which if they would have looked in their logs as they claimed they did, they would have already known better!) Advowire wanted me to share how I knew what I knew about their website, and ended their letter stating the case was closed. I not only found this fascinating but highly interesting. This proved every point I stated about them on social media AND in my blog. Not to mention all over Facebook with friends and family who are a part of the site. I guess they really didn’t want to know simple logic of how you can tell when campaigns are open when you talk with friends and compare notes.  And I refuse to give them my information so they can change things!

Jason also accused me of having a rude tone with “Kate” via emails and social media. I agree that is the one truth in their communication with me. I was indeed rude. I tried to be nice but found it simply wasn’t worth it. I respect those who respect others. From the very start there was lies. Why Hireinfluence deems it necessary to lie to people while giving the appearance of a company with nothing to hide is beyond me. Lies have no place in business. You will get caught, and we have caught Adowire HireInfluence LYING.

I do believe they use two different names so when people share the bad things about Advowire it doesn’t affect HireInfluence. Too bad for them I covered both names. Just a tip, Adowire HireInfluence CEO claimed to have only 3000 members and looking at my downline and talk on Facebook 2000 are dead accounts. With good reason. They make level 9 impossible to reach then accuse those addicted to reaching it cheaters. Smooth…… They are constantly changing the amount of connections you need, try to make it impossible for people to share, and have NO WHERE NEAR 100 offers for 3000 people to share daily! But again, I am the ONLY person to address this with them. (See the pattern of lies even with just THAT?)

As one of the many readers of the emails between Jason Pampell and myself said “I would point out that what you are trying to get them to change is partly the WORDING about being eligible to share every 12 hours, because even from the response below, they ADMIT it is not always 12 hours.” I opted out of replying to their email due to the “case closed” issue and I also felt it would be playing into their hand. Jason was very upset that I “took to social media” about their company. So since that’s the platform that clearly upsets him the most, so be it. He was so upset with me he threatened me from his yahoo email address as to not be linked to his own company! He is not to be trusted! I took screenshots and print outs to protect myself.

Caution should be used….

Especially if you are an advertiser!

UPDATE: I forgot to add my reasons why I was still use the site and why I trying so hard to help Advowire be better! I guess I should be thankful I’m getting 33 cents per posting when in fact it’s not ABOUT ME! It’s about other people who actually NEED the income. The very heart and soul of what my website is about. Helping people earn! Someone out there needs every penny! They will stalk websites/contests/sweepstakes/games etc to try to make their ends meet. Its people like that they expect it to be open when it says! It’s their time being wasted that they could be entering more things to earn. ETC. THE BIGGER PICTURE! I enjoyed being a part of the site because was like a game. Can I ever achieve level 9 with their on going changes and misinformation? No, and neither can anyone else.

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Fasting isn’t all just about giving up food. You can give up all kinds of things for a fast. But they need to be things you love, enjoy, addicted to etc. You know, hard to give up. Like let’s say you give up internet usage for two to four hours, or television for a week. Something you feel is important, and would be considered a loss. Giving up something that doesn’t matter, is not the core of fasting.

What is the purpose of fasting? Well some people do it for the purpose of dieting and though that may be great for them, it’s not how it fasting is designed. Fasting in the Christian faith is to give up something for the purpose of being closer to God. It’s a purity of yourself and mind. You spend time praying, being at peace and gaining strength in your relationship with Christ. I also find I learn things because I’m less distracted, and open.

Have I fasted? Yes, several ways. And just because you aren’t hungry doesn’t mean you are fasting. That’s skipping the purpose. You are meant to suffer during this time frame. Just like Jesus in the desert being tempted by Satan to eat. It’s not easy, the good path never is. Temptation is all around us.

Many people are unable to give up food due to health reasons, so please don’t feel pressured to give up food. Be sure if you decide to give up food, you consult a medical professional. You can give up certain types of foods as a fast too. Something you eat everyday that you know if bad for you but so good you enjoy it. Candy, gum, etc you know!

It’s always a blessing to fast with another, as the power of prayer in fellowship is always spirit filling.

I wish you success in your fasting and growth in your relationship in whomever you believe is the powerful being.

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