Stop Calendar in Windows Live Mail from Syncing With Send and Receive

Windows Live Mail client can be a blessing when you don’t have another email client to use. But it can also be a pain if it’s the only thing you have. The problem with Windows Live Mail is it wastes a heck of a lot of time updating things that frankly you don’t need updated. When I want my email, just download it!

The Calendar aspect of Windows Live Mail isn’t necessary and an annoying time waster. You are left sometimes a five full minutes waiting for everything to finish syncing before you can even see any new emails. I’ve even made sure mine has nothing on it, so why it would keep syncing, I have no clue.

There is an easy remedy for this annoying problem, and it doesn’t involve deleting your account, or even your calendar. I’ve heard of people editing their windows registry as well as deleting files from the hard drive. Neither of those suggestions will fix this issue, and may cause harm to your Windows Live Mail client. Don’t risk it!

To stop your calendar in Windows Live Mail from syncing with send and receive bring up the client. Once Windows Live Mail is open, go to tools, and then select options, under options select connections. Then under “Connecting to Windows Live Services” select “Stop signing in.” Yes it really is as simple as that.

The downfall to doing this is Windows Live Mail losses your address book from time to time and you have to upload it. So if you have a lot of contacts make sure you have your address book saved somewhere. There is no way to avoid the loss of your address book it’s just something you have to put up with. And I think that it’s worth it. It’s much quicker to upload your address book then it is to wait on the calendar to stop syncing.

The great thing is that when you stop your Calendar in Windows Live Mail from syncing it makes your email send and receive time cut in half!

I figured this out after doing a lot of testing, I did go through the editing registry, and deleting files on my hard drive to be sure this was the only real working method. I discovered it when I was going through the options menus. It took a lot of time tinkering till I finally found the answer. If by chance this doesn’t work for you, please let me know. I am interested in finding out why.

Don’t forget to remove your calendar by un-checking the box at the bottom. You can’t delete or remove it via their format but un-checking it will preventing the further syncing.

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Recycle Your PC

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the University of Tennessee Electronic Environmental Benefits Calculator, reusing just one computer with a CRT monitor saves:

30lbs of hazardous waste

77lbs of solid waste

77lbs of materials

147lbs of water from being polluted

32 tons of air from being polluted

1,333 lbs of CO2 from being emitted

7,719 kilowatts of energy

It is also equivalent to taking half a car off the road for a year.

Many places charge a fee for you to recycle your PC or laptop. But there are places like HP that will take HP products back and offer you a rebate or a trade in.

Dell offers free recycling of anything Dell. Even IBM has a program as does Apple.

So check your brand name computer’s website to see what they can offer you.

You can also check with your local computer shop to see if they take old computers, laptops and monitors. Chances are and they will not only take it for free, but may offer you a discount on other things as well. Older computers can be used for spare parts and some companies will actually pay you for them. Those types of companies are hard to find though. Sometimes local cities will run things like “Cure for Cancer Donate your old PC here.” In which case, if it’s for charity it’s a tax write off as it’s a form of donation.

Recycling should be made easy, and it is easier than it was several years ago.

Because most major cities are changing over to trash containers, putting a PC on the curb and a person spotting it and taking it is no longer an option. Though I’m sure if you tried it wouldn’t make it to a trash truck, though older monitors would. If you call your local cities recycling department they should be able to direct you to a location that will take your PC for free, but you will have to dump it off there.

If you don’t wish to recycle but you need to get rid of your PC, you can donate it to charity shops, you should also consider selling it on or offering it to a family with young kids. Older computers are good starter computers for young kids. If anything breaks, you don’t have to worry about how much you paid for it. They are also a good training tool for patience, because they run slower. This way when you purchase a newer model computer, even if it’s not the top of the line, your kids will be fooled into thinking it is. You can of course always hang on to it you never know when you may need a backup even if it’s only temporary.

I’d also like to mention a very important issue, before you dispose of your PC or laptop, please be sure to wipe all the data off your hard drive by doing a format. You don’t want some stranger seeing all your personal information or even stealing your registration codes, which are stored in your registry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given people’s PC’s and laptops with critical information still stored on it.

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How to Create Your Own Favicon.Ico for Your Website

Favicons are the icons that set your website apart from others. Favicons are the icon that is shown in any browsers address window. It’s also a great tool for bookmarking, as it will be easier to find with a matching logo. They can appear as anything you can imagine. Alphabet letters, a logo that matches the website, or simply a colored shape. There are animated Favicons too, but only Internet Explorer can see these style of Favicons.

You can create your own Favicon from any image you desire. The problem being they have to be 16 pixels by 16 pixels. This is extremely small, and if your logo or icon that you which to be created into a Favicon blurs or you are unable to make out what it is, you will have to go with another image.

Favicons are saved as .ico files, .ico files are icon files. These icons are the same style icons that you could replace your Recycle Bin with or My Computer icon.

If you can’t decide on any images you may want as your Favicon, just google for some ideas. After you have decided on several images you may want as your Favicon.ico go to This is a free Favicon creator. You simply find the file on your computer selecting the “Browse” button, then click “Generate Favicon.ico”. Shortly thereafter the page will refresh and display what your Favicon will look like in a browser window. If you like it, click “Download Favicon”. A zipped file when then wish to download. Download the file and open it to discover your Favicon.ico file complete with directions.

The problem with using this free Favicon.ico generator is sometimes it blurs even the clearest of images. If you don’t wish to use online free Favicon.ico generators, you can always create your own another way or download a free one from the net. Here’s a gallery of already made free Favicons

To create your own from an image size it down in any photo program to 16 by 16 then save as a .ico file. It will compress it to the quality needed in order to save it as an icon file. If you don’t have a photo program to edit with, you can download and use Gimp for free at Gimp is easy to use and better then Photoshop.

After you have created your Favicon.ico file, you will need to upload it to your website. Place the Favicon.ico into the root directory of your domain. Be sure that it is named favicon.ico, so browsers can pick it up. Some websites will by default pick up the new Favicon, but to be sure your Favicon is viewable by all, add this to the head section your web pages.

[link rel=”Shortcut Icon” href=”favicon.ico”]

Be sure to replace [ with < and ] with >.

Now when visitors bookmark your website, it will appear with your Favicon, thus increasing its prominence in your visitor’s bookmarking display and setting your site apart from others.

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Baptism, Salvation and Churches Falling Short

Baptism, and salvation in general, may wash away sin, but it doesn’t stop the sin that’s within.

What I mean by this is, the sin one commits that doesn’t know is sin. Example – How are you to know something you are doing, or even have already done is a sin, if you’ve not read the Bible, been to church, or spoken to an elder? Let’s use pride as an example. Pride can be a sin when you put yourself above God, or God’s laws. Such as a parent being proud of their son knocking up a young lady out of wed lock. This can be a two for one. First sin of pride of breaking God’s laws, and second supporting the sin, by being proud of it. Being supportive of a child, and being proud is two different things.

I could give loads more examples, but this day and age, I am certain the example I just gave will already strike a cord with a large number of individuals. If I have, consult your local church before committing another sin by responding out of anger, jealously, etc, instead of love.  This isn’t a personal attack toward you, but wisdom into the way things are meant to be. Society has twisted things to be so far from God, it’s impossible to go through a day without seeing, committing, or hearing about someone’s sin.

Baptism, and salvation in general, should always be followed with a form of counseling. The church is responsible for the souls in it.  Would you leave a newborn baby by the wayside to fend for itself? Handing a newly won child of God a Bible, isn’t enough, yes it’s a starting point, a map, but certainly not a GPS.

This is where churches fall short in following through with Christ. I found myself, after getting saved, being tossed by the way side. Not just once but twice. When I was baptized when I was twelve, and again when I was nineteen. The only reason why I didn’t just give up on my walk with Christ is, I’m curious about everything. I read every religious book I could get my hands on after my salvation. I wanted to know what exactly it was that I experienced. I follow nothing blindly, and I didn’t want to be conned. It would have been wonderful to receive a call from the Pastor of the church, an elder, someone, anyone, but nothing happened. I had gone to the church I got saved in for about two years afterward. I stood by watching one soul after another being won to Christ, and tossed aside, as though it was some sort of contest to get people saved, then leave them high, and dry. Just because a person goes to church doesn’t make them any more of a Christian, then standing in your garage makes you a car.

Being lost, and confused after salvation is a very dangerous place to be. Not only is the newborn Christian open to attack, but open to falling back into sinful ways they may not necessarily be knowledgeable of. So I ask you, my fellow Christians, leaders of the Church, elders, and all around members of whatever church you attend, to take the step when someone gets saved, or baptized, lend a hand, help guide, and nurture the seed that’s within, because if it wilts, there was no victory to begin with.

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Fix for Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00006

If you use Windows Live Mail Client to pick up your hotmail, you may have encountered the 0x8DE00006 error from time to time. The full error message is as follows:

Unable to send or receive messages for the account. For security reasons, this e-mail account has been temporarily deactivated. A picture containing letters and numbers will appear when you close this window. To reactivate your account, enter the characters you see in the picture.

Subject ‘(whatever your subject line of the email is )’
Server Error: 3209
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8DE00006

When you log into the website you will get this message when you try to send an email out. “This account is currently blocked from sending messages. If you don’t think you’ve violated the Windows Live Terms of Use, please contact customer support.”

Often times the popup picture which contains a captcha, doesn’t come up, thus preventing any further usage of the email account, other then to pick up email. This is also annoying even when your account is working. It seems that about every 50 emails sent, Windows Live Mail Client decides to put up a captcha. A captcha is a series of numbers, and, or letters that you need to enter exactly in order for them to prove you are a human, and not a bot.

The fix for this problem is a lot easier then you may think, or feel. Before proceeding be sure to backup your email in your Windows Live Mail Client.

Follow these steps to be able to send, and receive email without WLM support. As well as never having to enter a captcha again.

Open your Windows Live Mail Client.

On the toolbar click on “Tools”, and go to “Accounts”. In the accounts window click on “add”. Select email account, and click on “next”. Enter your email address you are having problems with, your correct password, and display name. Before you click the next button, click “Manually configure server settings for email account. Then click on “Next”.

Be sure that POP3 is the server. For incoming server enter: for outgoing enter: Select “This server requires a secure connection (SSL), and “My outgoing server requires authentication”. Click next, then click finish.

This will now create you a new email account, and box. You can choose to copy, or move all your email, and delete the previously closed box, or keep both. It will get confusing though if you do, as some mail may go to one box, and the other.

This is a quick remedy that does work for the time being. Windows Live Support would rather you post this question on their website complete with your email address for spiders to index, so you are spammed. Don’t wait around for help that may never come, and never put up with captchas ever again. Even if they did come up, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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