How to Set your Default Thumbnail in The Free WordPress

WordPress for free users is very, very limited. You don’t have the ability to add on extras or edit the source code to make it see properly the thumbnail you wish to have set. It’s most annoying because Facebook often takes things unrelated to your WordPress entry as the thumbnail. Even if you have an image in your article the right size for Facebook, it still goes ignored.

I did a lot of research and kept coming across the paid version of WordPress users how to set your default thumbnail. As useful as that is, not everyone has the paid version of WordPress. In fact very few of my friends do. So I know I’m not alone when seeking the answer to this most annoying problem. And hopefully I can help you out.

I felt I was getting no where fast with my research to this thumbnail problem. I edited images I had linked in the hopes the Facebook Debugger Would do the trick and pick up the right image. No luck, everything but what I wanted as my WordPress thumbnail was coming up! Talk about annoying.

Nearly at the end of my rope with WordPress and attempting to face the disappointment of never having a default thumbnail of my choice I started poking around in my own WordPress Dashboard seeking somehow to change this option. I clicked on settings at the bottom left. And found “Blog Picture / Icon” I thought to myself, could this be the default thumbnail I’ve been looking for? Could it really be this easy?! Sure enough it was!

So that’s the answer, really that simple, yes? You can set your default thumbnail in the free version of WordPress by going to Settings, and changing your Blog Picture /Icon to whatever you want! They will allow you to crop it as you see fit. Remember thumbnails are of equal height. So make it 200 by 200 or 150 by 150. I wouldn’t recommend going any smaller for your thumbnail.

After you have changed your default thumbnail in WordPress be sure to toss your blog link in the Facebook Debugger so it can update across the board. This should remove the cache issue with the other images. This will now ensure when others share your WordPress latest entry, it’s shared with the thumbnail you wouldn’t mind! I find selecting your banner image is best. This way others know its you right away by your thumbnail.

I figured this out myself, because as I shared above, nothing was on the internet about the FREE version of WordPress, only the paid version. If you have the free version of WordPress and this works for you, please let me know how useful this was for you.

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How to Design Eyebrows

There are several things you will need when designing eyebrows and one of them is not a razor. A razor will take off entirely too much as well as provide little, or no design control. You will need a good pair of tweezers, and possibly a small pair of scissors. You don’t have to be afraid of taking off too much hair because any mistakes you may make can be fixed with eye shadow, eyeliner, or eyebrow pencil. I mention all these things because sometimes you have to use what you have on hand.

In high school Cosmetology, and still today I design clients, and friend’s eyebrows. God has blessed me with great eyebrow arches just like my mothers. Don’t loose hope if you aren’t blessed with any eyebrow arches. I will provide you with tips to achieve eyebrow arches you never knew possible.

If it’s your first time designing your eyebrows, and you fear pain, you may want to stay away from using tweezers. I recall the first time I used them I thought I was going to die. My eyes watered, my nose ran, and my eyebrow skin turned bright red, and even bleed. Yes, it can be painful the first few times, but you don’t feel anything after a while. You are meant to stretch your skin nice and tight before you pluck, I don’t on myself but I do on others. It makes the pain a lot less. Also, when you pull the hairs, pull them as fast as possible in the direction the hair grows.

Before you begin plucking away those hairs lets cover some of the common eyebrow mistakes people make. Worst eyebrow mistake people make is making their eyebrows a very thin line with no “meat.” If you look at models, actresses, TV news anchors, and any magazine of such as Redbook, you will see no one has these types of eyebrows. Why, because it’s not flattering to any face. If you’ve never really study eyebrows before they are plucked, trimmed and designed, they are a shape of a bushy comma turned 90 degrees counter clockwise. Don’t design the eyebrows though to be exactly like a comma though. Whitney Houston was made fun of in tabloids for having “comma eyebrows.”

Another common eyebrow mistake is people don’t allow the eyebrow to flow. They pluck or even shave with a razor, everything but a thin line, and leave a ball shape where two eyebrows part in the middle of the face.

Yet another mistake is they forget to remove the hair in the middle of the face where the two eyebrows part. You don’t want to do a wonderful job, and forget to do the trim. Always remove the unibrow!

If your eyebrows are as the above mentioned I mean no personal insult, and I’m sorry if you felt, or feel that way. That’s not the intention of this article; it’s to merely explain a few things.

Trimming eyebrows can be a very hard job if you wear glasses, or even need them and don’t wear them. You will miss certain angles, and aspects you would normally see if you had 20/20 vision. Example, say you have great vision in your right eye but horrible in your left. When you are designing your left eyebrow you will not be seeing as clearly as you do out of your eye right as you will be looking at your left eyebrow with your left eye.

One piece of advice I received from a Mary Kay consultant, and Cosmetology teacher I have proven to be wrong. She said to never trim the top of the eyebrows. I don’t know if she was old schooling it, or if she believed it to be fact. But I can tell you, if you never trim the top of your eyebrows you will never achieve the eyebrows of your dreams. People who have Jack Nicholson eyebrows need to trim off the points so they don’t appear to be “evil” or “angry” all the time. Those who are born without great arches will have to trim the top of the outer edge thus lower the eyebrow to create the eyebrow arch.

Designing your eyebrows or anyone else’s will take some time looking at the angles of the face, and of course, you will need to be in a very well lit room.

The end of the eyebrow should be from the edge of your closed mouth on either side, going diagonal upward and away from each corner you should find the end of your eyebrow.

To locate the starting of your eyebrow, and separation of the two to go the edge of your nose nostrils, going upward on both sides you will find what you have to trim in the middle of your face. You have also now found where the eyebrow begins.

To locate your eyebrow arch, once again go back to your nose nostrils, in a diagonal upward and away from each nostril you will locate where your eyebrow arch should be.

Now that’s the basic layout of any eyebrow. If you wish to give yourself a hard edge look instead of a softer look, at the beginning of the eyebrow you trim it to be a corner of a square. If you wish to give yourself a softer look you would round the top just by trimming off a few hairs, approximately three or four, just enough to give you a soft rounded curve.

Since eyebrow styles change throughout the years as well as hairstyles, you will need to work out what’s best for you. To achieve a well-defined arch, trim the top of the eyebrow just before the arch, leading the hair in a slight angle upward to create your arch. Now under the eyebrow on the inside after the arch trim. Keep the hairs neat and tidy, all grouped together. Be careful to not create a ball effect at the start of the eyebrow. You will also need to trim the underside of the beginning of the eyebrow for lose hairs, and providing the eyebrow with a more flowing effect upward towards the arch.

Eyebrows much like eyes – don’t have to match, but don’t make them so different that it looks odd looking at your face. If you look very close at several top models, and actresses you will notice an ever so slight difference between their two eyebrows. Why? Because each eye is different and in order to for the face to look more uniform you need to make the eyebrows flatter the eyes.


**Previously published on Yahoo! Network.

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How to Shape Your Fingernails

indexShaping one’s fingernails is a lot like shaping ones hair style to fit your face. I’m a nail technician for Rose’s salon, and can’t tell you how many times people ask me these questions. It really depends on several different aspects. There is personal style, professional style, and of course person choice which doesn’t have to be the same thing as personal style.

The first thing we need to do is learn a few terms in order to understand what I’m going to explain.

Take your hand and place it palm side down, looking at your fingernails the bottom part of the nail, we are going to use the term “nail base” and near that is the “cuticle” which should be the skin you push back off the nail. The edge part, we will be referring to as the “nail tip”. These are three terms that will be repeated over, and over as we speak of styles and shapes.

Fingernail file shaping has several different styles. When I was originally in Cosmetology our teacher tried to tell us that ALL fingernails should be shaped the same as the nail base. Meaning, if your nail base is round, so should your nail tips, if your nail base is square once again so should your nails tips.

I don’t agree with this assessment, and I have yet to meet another nail artist that does. Many people prefer fingernail tips that are shaped like a square because square tips are stronger than round. But I’m jumping ahead. So let’s get moving on finger nail shaping styles and shapes.

Looking at your fingernails, both the tips and nail base. Sometimes fingernails will grown in their natural shape, so no shaping is necessary, you would simply need to make sure they remain in that shape through out. Most likely, that shape of the nail tip will be rounded.

Professional style is square tip fingernails. The reason for this is, as we previously mentioned square nails are stronger than round nails. Your personal style may be round as you like the feeling and even the appearance of the round tips, plus added to that, you may not have time to file your nails and may end up letting them be natural.

The pictures that will hopefully be attached: one will be my thumb nail, the base of the nail bed is square, but the nail itself is round. My finger between the pinky and the middle finger the tip is square but the nail bed is round.

The other is my index finger which is a round tip and a round finger bed. I’ve attached these pictures so you can get an idea about shape differences. I normally keep my nails much longer, and square tipped but shaped them for examples for this article.

You can shape your nails in the round tip shape, by taking the nail file and filing inward, never a back and forth motion. This causes more damage then it does good. File inward on both edges of the nail to achieve the rounded nail tip style.

You can shape your nails in the square tip shape, by taking the nail file and running it in one direction only across the tip of the nail, either left to right, or right to left. You continue to do this until you have a level straight line which gives you the square tip appearance.

For the natural growth shape, you simply run the nail file across its edges to keep it smooth. Remember though to only do it in one motion, not back and forth.


**Previously published on Yahoo! Network.

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Review: Xlear Care Kit

I received a basket full of products via Mom’s Meet their Xlear Care Kit.

  • 2 packs of Spry Dental Defense gum – Stronger longer Xylitol 100%! 12 count natural peppermint sugar free.
  • 1 pack of Spry Xylitol  peppermint toothpaste.
  • 1 pack of Spry Gem mints Spearmint.
  • 1 pack of Spry mints Cinnamon.
  • 1 pack of nasal spray Xlear.
  • 1 pack of 3 nasal spray Xlear.
  • 1 bottle of Spry oral rinse spearmint with a Earth friendly tooth brush connected.


Everything says Xylitol on it. Xylitol is not natural and can cause stomach and GI issues in large amounts. It’s disappointing how many aren’t even bothered to address this but jump on the fact that it’s “all natural”. I don’t and many others don’t consider Xylitol all natural. I am not a supporter of Xylitol, even though so many are. The Xylitol toothpaste isn’t even FDA approved! Xylitol causes basically a laxative effect. I support sugar as it actually IS all natural.

I’d like to share this article with you: It’s a shame so many abuse her for sharing what she found out. I happen to know many who agree, it’s not natural when it’s made with man made chemicals.

So in light of all this I was not overly pleased to be testing Xylitol filled products. But I did at least parts of it anyway. I wasn’t about to shove nose spray with this crap in it straight to my brain! Thank you very much! I had thought SOME of the products would be Xylitol free but sadly that wasn’t the case. But I was thrilled to be a part of this program.

The gum was okay, I’ve had better that contained Xylitol, same with the mints. My teeth felt no cleaner with the toothpaste, and mouth wash. But if you are interested in using these products that contain Xylitol this is for you. I’m sure the prices will be slightly higher than regular products though, sorry.

I’m pleased to have been selected to do my first blog review for Mom’s Meet, even if I don’t agree or support Xylitol.

You can purchase the Xlear Care Kit, valued at $65, for only $25 now through June, 30th 2015. Click here to take advantage of this special offer. code SAVE50

When I applied for this kit, this is the information supplied:  Xlear has an entire line of health-enhancing products that are made with xylitol, a healthy and natural sweetener.* Xylitol has a wide variety of uses and benefits, from improving oral health to maintaining upper respiratory and sinus health. The Xlear Care Kit is equipped with everything you need to naturally care for your oral and sinus health, including Xlear Nasal Spray, Spry Toothpaste, Spry Oral Rinse, Spry Gum, and Spry Gems.

* – Manmade products are not considered natural.


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The Differences Between Praying and Wishing

Some would think that the difference between praying and wishing would be quite obvious, but apparently it’s not, as I once had a friend ask me if I still wish for things even though I pray. I admit from time to time I will slip to start to say “Boy I sure do wish” or “I wish I had”, but in my head and my heart I begin to pray to God asking about it, and having faith it will all work out. I don’t believe wishes come true as I’ve never been to Disney. I believe prayers are answered and wishes are dreams.

There is of course wishful thinking, which means if you wish hard and think hard enough about something, it may come true. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had that happen to me. As a youth I was all the time wishing for things for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, but I never once got it. I wish that was the case, but alas it’s not.

As an adult, I’ve learned that when I pray for something I often get it, and if I don’t get it, there is a really good reason why not. It may take some time though for me to see that reasoning. I guess we should take into consideration that a mind as an adult compared to a youth, asks for more responsible things. Some could say that very statement in an argument against the fact that prayers are answered and wishes are not. I could agree with this, except the facts speak for themselves. If wishing were more popular then praying, the common response to a person complaining they need or want something would be “wish for it” instead of “pray about it, or for it.” There would even be a following who are known as “Wishers” as apposed to “Prayer Warriors”.

Wishing goes along the lines of basic positive thinking; produces a positive outcome. If you think positive enough about something, sooner or later it’s going to come true. This could be attributed to simple will power, unless of course you are driven to get what you want. Getting the item, or doing whatever it is you may be wishing for, isn’t getting your wish anymore then it would be getting the prayer answered.

Prayer is when you communicate your wants and needs over to whatever deity you believe in. Many people believe prayer is a form of mental exercise, while others believe it’s some sort of requirement to get into heaven.

I personally believe my prayers are answered over wishes because I’m communicating directly with God. I understand if you don’t share my view I mean no offense if you believe something else.

**Previously published on the Yahoo! Network.

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How to Print DVD Covers

If you burn DVD’s or PSP games, chances are you have DVD cases. Proper DVD cases measure 14mm on the spine where the title goes and 5 ¼ wide on the front 7 ¼ high. It can be very difficult to print these DVD covers without the proper measurements, not to mention the right DVD cover.

A great place to find DVD covers is: Change the ALL sections to DVD type in the title you are looking for, wait for the page to load the objects it found. Scroll midway down your screen, and click on one of the titles that matches your location and style of copy, such as widescreen, or custom. When you click on one of the choices at the bottom under select part will load such things as [cd1] [front]. Front is what you want to pay attention to. Move your mouse over the word [front] to get a preview of the cover. If that’s the cover you wish, click on the word “front”. Do not right click; it does not work on this style of webpage. You must click on the actual word “front” in order for the front cover to load. Once it’s loaded in the next screen, you will see it’s not huge, that’s because it’s compressed for you to view. Right click on the picture of the DVD cover you wish to print and select “Save picture as”. You can rename the file, and save it where you want for printing purposes. Click “Save”

Proper measurements for this type of DVD cover are as follows: 10.90 by 7.30. Be sure the top margin is set to 0.10 same as the bottom, and left and right margins set at 0.00. You may have to change your paper size settings in order for it to print to the edge of your printer.

If by chance, you have HP printer you might be encountering the problem of not being able to print the full DVD cover. This can be extremely annoying and a huge waste of paper. I have the answer you are looking for. Your HP printer has a sensor that tells the printer when the edge of the paper is coming, and thus stops printing. Take the paper you plan to print on, turn it over and midway down the page, tape another piece of paper to the back. Apply one piece of tape to the left and right sides at the top. This way when the paper goes through the printer, the printer will think it is a larger sheet of paper. When you go to print, be sure to have the paper set at 14.00 x 8.50 in landscape. You should now have no problems printing the complete DVD cover with your HP printer.

If you don’t change your printer settings for your DVD covers, the DVD cover will be cut off, or squished to fit the paper you are printing.

***Previously published on Yahoo! Network.


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My Plenti Card Nightmare

rite_aid_loyalty_card_fob_sep_c4I’m a member of Rite Aid Wellness Plus. Heck, I’m a gold member. So when I got the Plenti card in the mail I was excited. I even tweeted both Rite Aid and Plenti. Shortly after May 4th (their opening day) I went to sign up with the card I had in hand. I entered the number and pressed yes I had a number. Then Plenti reassigned me with another number. So I was forced to call Plenti. They couldn’t explain how it happened that I got another number during the sign up process but told me all was well and linked the actual physical card I had in hand. I went to Rite Aid on the 5th to pick up a prescription. They admitted they were having all kinds of computer problems. So this made me wonder if that was the root of the issue.

I went to my local Rite Aid #03151 again around the 15th Dakota scanned my purchases and was unable to locate my card. Informed me that my Wellness card was inactive because Plenti linked the card even though it couldn’t be found. He couldn’t find it via my home phone number either. He spent about five minutes looking things up.  I was unable to get my 20% discount which the manager later provided me cash for. And of course apologized for the ordeal, checked my card and saw everything was ok but told me to contact Plenti just to be sure. I did just that.

I called Plenti who informed me that the problem COULD be the other card. So they blocked that card and told me all would be fine.

I went to Rite Aid again to pick up my prescription on the 22nd. All was well. I then went to Rite Aid on the 25th. Again my Plenti card worked and was linked showing my discount and points. I then went to Rite Aid on the 28th. Upon checking out I was told my Plenti card was inactive and I couldn’t get my 20% Wellness discount. Let me tell you I was less than pleased. I refused to allow them to ring it up without the discount and told them no I wasn’t going home to call to deal with Plenti yet again! I was at the end of my rope. This should not be the case.

Angela was nice enough to offer to call Plenti for me and fix this mess. I gratefully took up her offer. One hour and a half later it was sorted. Two employees at the end of their rope, my father and I in shock it took so long. Angela and Tina went back and forth with Plenti on one line, and 1-800 Rite Aid on the other. I was in the middle confirming information. When Angela first called Plenti the woman she got was rude and refused to listen and argued with her AND me pertaining to the fact that they couldn’t cancel the Plenti card leaving the Rite Aid Wellness card intact with gold membership. The second time she called she got the Plenti rep Denise whose supervisor named David was nice until he got on the phone with me and told me the EXACT opposite of what he was telling Angela… that I could lose my Rite Aid gold status. He argued and said it THREE times. I told him to do what Angela said and how it wasn’t working now what could I lose. He was no longer nice. I gave Angela the phone. David told Denise to cancel the card and have me on the phone. I confirmed. Angela and Denise signed me up again with a whole new card/account. And I did a purchase just to confirm it. NOW I wonder how many transactions it will actually work for. It feels like it’s been a hit and miss randomness of events. I have NO FAITH in Plenti and I completely miss the relationship I had with Rite Aid Wellness. I feel whatever or WHOMEVER Plenti is, is a scam and has no idea what the hell they are, or what they are doing. One of the Plenti reps told me how I get no Plenti points for just about everything in the store expect baby wipes. SO WHAT’S THE POINT. I went home sicker than a dog with shakes, a headache, a massive pain in my lower back from standing for so long dealing with this mess and now have to go to my Chiropractor. I hope I can sleep tonight in all this pain. Rite Aid staff went above and beyond. Angela admitted it took her four calls to get the same thing sorted with her card. It’s downright disgusting that not only did I have to deal with this but their own employee. Plenti customer service is not educated in their program. You can talk to one person and five minutes later talk to another and get a completely different story. I hope and pray no one else has to go through this mess. I plan on sharing this via Twitter with Rite Aid and Plenti. Hopefully they read it and do something about it. – their website in case you wish to see what the Plenti card is all about.


UPDATE: Rite aid had Plenti unlock my wellness card from my Plenti account. Upon doing so my Rite aid card worked perfectly. It also completely shows my Plenti points, my gold membership points and discount.  Plenti keeps arguing that my Rite Aid card isn’t linked but who cares it works on the Rite Aid side to the point I can even redeem my Plenti points. This takes care of EVERY TIME I’ve called Plenti there computers are down. Which proves the point, the problem is PLENTI! So if you encountered these issues, simply have Plenti unlink your wellness card. Enjoy!

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