Join the Healthy Baby Home Party

New_HBHP_logoWhat is a Healthy Baby Home Party?

Seventh Generation’s home parties are powered by people like you who are focused on creating a healthy environment for the next generation. Developed with input from non-profit partner, Healthy Child Healthy World, they are a great way to get together with friends, share helpful information, and make an impact!

Healthy Baby Home Party kits are provided to all selected hosts and are filled with educational info about our environment, helpful tips, a fun game, and samples and coupons from Seventh Generation and other favorite family-friendly brands like bobble, American Meadows and Zarbee’s Naturals.

What is the Application Process?

  • Sign up at to join the Generation Good community, or log in if already a member.
  • Accept the Healthy Baby Home Party Application offer on your Generation Good dashboard and complete the application.
  • Applicants will be notified by mid-June if they have been selected to host a party, via an email to the email address assigned to their Generation Good member profile.
  • All selected applicants will then need to confirm their participation by accepting the Healthy Baby Home Party Mission in Generation Good and confirming their shipping address.
  • Hosting spots are open to US residents only at this time. Canadian parties are planned for later in 2016!
  • Full terms and conditions are available within Generation Good in the “Healthy Baby Home Party Application” offer.Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your party soon!

Join the Generation Good community and apply for your chance to host a Healthy Baby Home Party and receive a free kit with information and product samples from @SeventhGeneration, @bobble, @AmericanMeadows @Zarbees and other brands! #generationgood


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How to Stop Spam Quickly

One of my many email addresses was being targeted by a spammer using CloudFlare to spam. CloudFlare is well known to do NOTHING about spam even know they know full well what they are doing is against the law. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I simply set all my emails to forward to a Gmail account I have never used. Gmail is perfect at sorting the spam 100% from CloudFlare, and any other spammer! But I felt this wasn’t enough.  I decided to take an extra step. Because the email addresses they were using from CloudFlare ended in .jaredcompany .science and .top I simply set up a filter for those to go directly to the trash bin!

I thought I’d share this awesome tip with you so you could do the same thing when you too get spam attacked. I also did this for all my repeat offenders,, “Mr. Ibrahim” “Evans”. Filters are a beautiful thing. Don’t forget to use them. Only takes a few seconds to set up and saves you time in the long run!

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Review: Prefer Green 3 Compartment Food Container

I was offered for free (via postings on several places) to review Prefer Green 3 Compartment Food Containers and I jumped at it. As usual I only offer my services on something I need so I can give it a proper honest review.

Prefer Green 3 Compartment Food Container came with 10 easy to use black and clearish containers. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, reusable, leak resistant, and MOST importantly BPA FREE! (This is another reason I jumped on it, BPA free is highly important to me and my family.) As an added bonus they have a lifetime guarantee!

Ten is the perfect amount because three is too little and fifteen is too much. The Prefer Green food containers are a little smaller than I would like HOWEVER I found them to be perfect for on the go. Like school, work, or even just travel. Because of the small size they fit into small places so if you don’t have much room in your freezer, these are perfect. But I’d like you to be aware of something, these Prefer Green containers are a little cheap like Applebees or Olive Garden to-go trays. Meaning I don’t expect them to last as long as say Tupperware. So I wouldn’t trust these with kids.

IMG_2292 IMG_2279 IMG_2281 IMG_2283 IMG_2287

You can get them here:


As with all postings my disclaimers APPLY!

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How To Turn off Facebook “Do you know”

Make sure your mobile phone has the updated Facebook application installed.

Once it’s installed click on the =  icon.
Click on Settings.
Click on Account Settings.
Click on Notifications.
Click on Mobile.
Under Control your recent notification click on one of the “Do you know”.
It may lag but text will appear stating how you will no longer get those notifications.

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Amy Lynn’s Voice Overs Mobile Friendly

For some time I’ve tried to adapt my voiceover website to be mobile friendly. I got the player which works on all platforms but I knew that wasn’t enough. Menus have to be accessible to users who only use mobile devices.

I was going to delete the text side of my voice overs site but something kept telling me to not mess. And now I know why, it’s where the mobile site is located.

The main reason why I didn’t go fully mobile is the orders and inquiry pages. I felt it was too big of a challenge to get everything to work properly.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly and you are trying to do business online, it’s not too late to update!

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ibotta better than ever!

I got to admit after downloading Ibotta when it first came out, I just didn’t really get it. I left it installed but put it aside. It seemed like a hell of a lot of work for little to not reward. That is until recently. I decided to try it again after being annoyed having cash back apps hogging my phone with no reward. I couldn’t believe that there was restaurants listed as options to get cash back. Not to mention beer and wine in the stores! Yeah ibotta still had the 25 cents gallon of milk but to do that would take forever to redeem. There had to be larger, easier options for me to take part.

Well our TV took a dump and sure enough Best Buy was listed in Ibotta. I got $5 back on our new TV! I couldn’t believe how fast my purchases were adding up. Now I just have to remember to check it out when I go out. Thankfully if you don’t have a cell plan most stores have internet. And if not do a screenshot of the QR code ahead of time.

I combined purchases with coupons and ibotta and I end up getting even more back. Last week I ended up getting $1.00 of Gortons fish via ibotta, at the store buy 1 get 1 free, and my $1.00 coupon. This kind of shopping will put money in the bank!

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Purely Said

I just wanted to share if you are going through a really hard time right now you are not alone. Hang in there things will get better. And though that may seem like just words, hold tight to them. Don’t lose hope. Everyone has down times where it seems like nothing can go right. You are not alone. I took part in a volunteer project that offers these words of comfort in audio format. Everything is going to be okay. Purely Said. Please if you can relate, go and listen. Click on tracks, there are some really awesome people who took part in this, you can too.

Found another example!! ‪#‎purelysaid‬ Purely Said “Everything will be okay”


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