Delete all Twitter DM’s Easily

twitterTwitter is a great quick easy way to socialize, as well as share data on just about anything. What is horrible is the application either PC, or mobile. I don’t think the Twitter programmers even USE the application. One of the biggest problems just so happens to be the time a user would spend deleting DM’s. DM’s are Direct Messages or private messages.

There are many applications out there that auto send a DM to users who follow them. Considering you can follow 1000 users a day providing you are over 2000 followers… those DMs add up fast. I admit I don’t really read DM’s. The only time I have read a DM is when it’s completely necessary.  Other wise I ignore about 99.9% of them. You can not honestly carry on a talk in limited characters that’s worth anyone’s time. Business should not be handled that way.

So I went on a quest on how to delete ALL or most of my DM’s with little or no time. I admit on the ipad it’s like a game on how fast you can delete them. However, I honestly have no time to waste.

I found this application: Twitter DM Cleaner is pretty straight forward. You connect your account, by authorizing the application. It loads your DM’s then you select your choice of deletion. Then press apply.  After its done go to settings in Twitter, then apps, click revoke access on DMCleaner.

I’d like to note that after you use it, go to your settings and delete the permissions in Twitter. Just to be safe. I can’t say 100% that this site or any other on the internet is safe.  So I don’t want to be blamed should you start posting things by random. Remove access!

Sometimes if you have too many DM’s it may take several tries. Be sure to wait between each use. You don’t want Twitter to ban your account simply for cleaning it up.

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What is your worth?

There is a new disturbing trend in working at home and businesses thinking they can use and abuse others. But I think the saddest is the people who continue to put up with it. The biggest abuser of their members is the Influencer Network.

Influencer wants their users to do virtual voxboxes as well as real ones with ONE item that might be $5. In order to complete the voxbox you are to do:

  • A blog review
  • A review on Twitter complete with photo.
  • A review on Facebook complete with photo.
  • Sometimes a Youtube video.
  • Sometimes a photo/video on Instagram.

Is all that worth it? I think not. Many companies with pay users upward to $25 for a tweet of their product on Twitter. A Facebook review can gain you upwards $50. A Youtube video, can get you $75! I’m sorry but Influencer is screwing people ROYALLY. Their prizes should you win, are crap! I wouldn’t even do what they are doing and I’m pretty tight with my money. Social media is a quick easy income for both parties.

Every time Influencer thinks they are going to give me a virtual Voxbox I ignore it, and will keep on doing so. I’M worth more! Aren’t YOU?!

If we ban together companies such as Influencer will be forced to provide their members with what they are worth.

Smiley360 SOMETIMES does this trend as well but often the products that you have been selected to receive is actually worth what you are being asked to do! Influencer forces you to do it or never again get a Voxbox again. At least with Smiley360 there are no hidden games. You usually know what is required to finish the mission. No hidden agenda. They point blank ask if you are willing to share and if not then I’m going to guess you don’t get the mission. I’ve personally never selected that I wouldn’t share. I share a photo by default so it’s no biggie. Asking me to blog on the other hand, I may indeed say no. Marketing for free isn’t worth it.

I admit it is exciting to get these products for free, but it’s not free when it comes with all the above work.

***Please not the figures above for social media sharing depend upon your followers, connections, product, target, membership, affiliates, job title, status of account, and other undisclosed factors. ****

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Avoid virus attachments in email

In light of the new virus going around that locks down your computer for a ransom I’ve come up with something that could be useful.

If you are in Outlook / Windows Live Mail

Go to tools – Message Rules – Mail – Create new. Under select the conditions for your rule Tick “When the message has an attachment” then go to the “Select the actions for your rule” and tick “move it to the specified folder” then select “Highlight it with color” and select a color that stands out click ok.

Now when messages come in that contain the virus you will have a chance to review it before you delete it.

In Hotmail

Click the gear icon by your name. Then click on filters and reporting. At the bottom where it says block content from unknown senders click block attachments and then press save.

In Yahoo

There is no way to avoid the viruses, that’s how much Yahoo cares about your security.

In Gmail

Click the gear then click settings. Click filters then at the bottom click create a new filter. Click “has attachment” click “create filter with this search” then you can tick delete it, skip the inbox or any number of other things. Click Create filter.

This should help you avoid viruses in email attachments.

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Stop Calendar in Windows Live Mail from Syncing With Send and Receive

Windows Live Mail client can be a blessing when you don’t have another email client to use. But it can also be a pain if it’s the only thing you have. The problem with Windows Live Mail is it wastes a heck of a lot of time updating things that frankly you don’t need updated. When I want my email, just download it!

The Calendar aspect of Windows Live Mail isn’t necessary and an annoying time waster. You are left sometimes a five full minutes waiting for everything to finish syncing before you can even see any new emails. I’ve even made sure mine has nothing on it, so why it would keep syncing, I have no clue.

There is an easy remedy for this annoying problem, and it doesn’t involve deleting your account, or even your calendar. I’ve heard of people editing their windows registry as well as deleting files from the hard drive. Neither of those suggestions will fix this issue, and may cause harm to your Windows Live Mail client. Don’t risk it!

To stop your calendar in Windows Live Mail from syncing with send and receive bring up the client. Once Windows Live Mail is open, go to tools, and then select options, under options select connections. Then under “Connecting to Windows Live Services” select “Stop signing in.” Yes it really is as simple as that.

The downfall to doing this is Windows Live Mail losses your address book from time to time and you have to upload it. So if you have a lot of contacts make sure you have your address book saved somewhere. There is no way to avoid the loss of your address book it’s just something you have to put up with. And I think that it’s worth it. It’s much quicker to upload your address book then it is to wait on the calendar to stop syncing.

The great thing is that when you stop your Calendar in Windows Live Mail from syncing it makes your email send and receive time cut in half!

I figured this out after doing a lot of testing, I did go through the editing registry, and deleting files on my hard drive to be sure this was the only real working method. I discovered it when I was going through the options menus. It took a lot of time tinkering till I finally found the answer. If by chance this doesn’t work for you, please let me know. I am interested in finding out why.

Don’t forget to remove your calendar by un-checking the box at the bottom. You can’t delete or remove it via their format but un-checking it will preventing the further syncing.

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Recycle Your PC

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in cooperation with the University of Tennessee Electronic Environmental Benefits Calculator, reusing just one computer with a CRT monitor saves:

30lbs of hazardous waste

77lbs of solid waste

77lbs of materials

147lbs of water from being polluted

32 tons of air from being polluted

1,333 lbs of CO2 from being emitted

7,719 kilowatts of energy

It is also equivalent to taking half a car off the road for a year.

Many places charge a fee for you to recycle your PC or laptop. But there are places like HP that will take HP products back and offer you a rebate or a trade in.

Dell offers free recycling of anything Dell. Even IBM has a program as does Apple.

So check your brand name computer’s website to see what they can offer you.

You can also check with your local computer shop to see if they take old computers, laptops and monitors. Chances are and they will not only take it for free, but may offer you a discount on other things as well. Older computers can be used for spare parts and some companies will actually pay you for them. Those types of companies are hard to find though. Sometimes local cities will run things like “Cure for Cancer Donate your old PC here.” In which case, if it’s for charity it’s a tax write off as it’s a form of donation.

Recycling should be made easy, and it is easier than it was several years ago.

Because most major cities are changing over to trash containers, putting a PC on the curb and a person spotting it and taking it is no longer an option. Though I’m sure if you tried it wouldn’t make it to a trash truck, though older monitors would. If you call your local cities recycling department they should be able to direct you to a location that will take your PC for free, but you will have to dump it off there.

If you don’t wish to recycle but you need to get rid of your PC, you can donate it to charity shops, you should also consider selling it on or offering it to a family with young kids. Older computers are good starter computers for young kids. If anything breaks, you don’t have to worry about how much you paid for it. They are also a good training tool for patience, because they run slower. This way when you purchase a newer model computer, even if it’s not the top of the line, your kids will be fooled into thinking it is. You can of course always hang on to it you never know when you may need a backup even if it’s only temporary.

I’d also like to mention a very important issue, before you dispose of your PC or laptop, please be sure to wipe all the data off your hard drive by doing a format. You don’t want some stranger seeing all your personal information or even stealing your registration codes, which are stored in your registry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given people’s PC’s and laptops with critical information still stored on it.

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