Review: Sheet Suspenders

photo 1Last night was the best night sleep I’ve had in some time, why? Because I got to use Sheet Suspenders. What are Sheet Suspenders you ask? Well they are what you think, suspenders for sheets. They keep your sheets tightly in place.

Ever since I purchased two new mattresses I’ve noticed that none of my sheets either super old from the 60’s to the newer ones purchased this year do not stay on! It’s like someone is either randomizing the size of mattresses or the sheets. Either way, they never stayed on till I used Sheet Suspenders!

As with all my reviews, it’s my own words.

The corners would pop off the mattress or the sides would move into the middle. As much as I love Sheet Suspenders I love sleep! I have to use two packs though because I use the X method and the side method. This keeps it perfectly in place! While I’ve been using them for years just last night I was able to use them sideways. No more lumps in bed, AHHH!


The directions are really easy to follow and the clasps last! They don’t rip your mattress nor slip off. It’s the perfect combination. Just be careful there are a ton of fakes out there!


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